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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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He cannot

These requirements not only are overestimated, but also are premature, obviously go beyond abilities of the child.He cannot realize that from him want and respectively cannot arrive as adults insist on it.These parents treat the child as though he is much more senior, than is actually.When you study relationship such, the accurate impression is made that the parent feels at heart uncertainly, unreliably, doubts that it love, and considers the child as a source of a consolation, a support, waits from it for love and a consolation.

Usually it begins

Let him suck the first breast of minutes twenty if he wants, and then apply him to other breast which he will also suck so much, how many will want.Sosaniye of fingers at the child at artificial feeding.Usually it begins when he drinks the portion of milk not in minutes, as earlier, and for It occurs because the child becomes more senior and is stronger, and nipples wear out and become softer.When you buy new nipples, irrespective of time for which the child exhausts the portion, do not expand openings, then the child needs more time to exhaust the portion of milk.

In the first

Mothers often ask: When the child starts seeing?It is gradual process, as well as all other stages of development of the child.Right after the birth it can distinguish light from darkness.Too bright light disturbs him and forces to close eyes.In the first weeks the newborn starts stopping a look on subjects near himself.To one or two months he learns faces of relatives and reacts to their emergence.By three months the child already examines everything round himself.In the first months it is still difficult for child to coordinate both eyes and he often mows.

At a poem

At a cockerel.At whom long ears?At a hare.At whom red fur coat and fluffy tail?At a fox.At whom izba bast?At the hare.At whom izba ice?At a fox.At whom a braid on a shoulder?At a cockerel.Mobile game Once upon a time there was a Hare.At a poem instsenirovaniye children carry out actions together with the words washed up pads, washed up a tail etc.Once upon a time there was a hare, Long ears.Long ears, Ears on the top.

And teenager? In absolute

But look as manifestations and symptoms differ.The adult, being in average degree of a depression, usually awfully looks, feels unfortunate, everything falls at him from hands.And teenager?In absolute majority of cases the teenager looks really suppressed, only if it has very strong depression and if already at first sight it is possible to tell: Oh, yes this child, undoubtedly, in a depression, be sure that he / she is so suppressed that is close to suicide.Of course, in any situations there are exceptions.

By the evening

However, they met not frequently the boy was with the grandmother, and parents worked and built giving, to break was once.By September first temperature began to increase, began head god.Treatment by antibiotics as it was already told, did not help.Here the second month it does not go to school, the whole day stays at home one, obediently carrying out all instructions of doctors.By the evening when parents come back, the headache begins and temperature rises.Mother remembers: last year as if on purpose!

If at your

Its organism is too sensitive to pollen of these flowers which does not disturb other people at all.Some people have a hay fever in the spring because they are sensitive to pollen of certain trees, and at others in the summer, from certain herbs.If at your child every year the cold with an itch lasting for weeks at the same time begins consult to the doctor.And by results of skin tests on the suspected types of pollen the doctor can determine by appearance of a nose, whether the disease of hay fever is.

I have to remember

From failures and a grief, my kid, I cannot lose the road: I not one for me you hurry.Trying to do everything that I did, You from me will not look away, You want to resemble me And on my traces, the kid, you go.You believe me, everything that I will tell, I for you am better and kinder than all, And you should not see the evil in me.Follow me, the kid, follow me rather.I have to remember all the long way, As there was I through snowstorm and summer heat.I resisted in fight only therefore, That you, the kid, always walked for me.

It is quite

It is quite difficult to hit exactly, and many parents feel so awkward and incapable of it that they usually give up, especially if the child does not try at all.Do not allow all these moments confusing you to stop you!Irrespective of, whether your child reacts externally or not, can be sure that you strongly influence him.Time spent with the child thus will give' farreaching positive consequences.If you do not affect your child in the field of supernatural now, somebody another will make it for you later.

Some children

If you assume to transfer the child to artificial nutrition between the nd and th month, it is necessary to milk to it from a pacifier at least times a week.Some children at this age so get used to a breast that refuse to suck from a bottle.Till months to the child it is indifferent what to suck a breast or a pacifier, and after months you can already wean him and give to drink from a cup.Some doctors recommend all children nursed to give to drink from a pacifier times a week in case mother will be compelled to stop unexpectedly feeding by a breast.

Often children

Therefore do porridge liquid.If your child was bothered by one porridge, offer him another which was not pleasant to it earlier.It is possible to give occasionally boiled unpolished rice, a hominy, cream of wheat.Often children like dry porridges buckwheat, millet, etc.more because they are eaten by adults and the senior children.Wheat and oat porridges the most useful because they are vitaminrich also mineral salts porridges from corn and rice are less valuable.Bread and porridges.

And, besides, both

It will give it a certain prospect in life.I advised them within several weeks, and by the end of this term the depression of Don gradually began to decline, and the father gradually began to treat his mistakes and misses differently.And, besides, both of them looked at the situation with some humour.In this case the father did not try to help the son to become the integral personality.He, perhaps, also tried to satisfy physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of the son, but the stock of its emotional forces exhausted.

Look, snow

Iskoiskoisko in the winter the sun is low.Askaaskaaska around from snow the fairy tale.Istoistoisto snow everything hid, purely.The child repeats syllabic ranks then the logopedist finishes speaking a chistogovorka after the logopedist.Look, snow went, on a silver platter of a snowflake are.Try them to catch, but catch a snowflake only when you hear in the word a sound with.Sledge, fur coat, blizzard, snow, skates, winter.Look, snow became much more!From it it is possible to build one more snowman.

Here and today, what

Occupation result.Logopedist.Here also the tale of the Cheerful Uvula ended.Of course, all need to be on friendly terms with sport to be strong and strong.And still it is necessary to remember sounds which we learn to say correctly on our occupations.Here and today, what sound you beautifully and loudly said?Child.Rrr.Automation of a sound r in syllables and words PURPOSES To specify an articulation and the correct isolated pronouncing a sound r.


Because character of views is very important, I would suggest parents to train periodically in front of the mirror to develop at myself a neutral and quiet look.It is especially essential if by the nature you are inclined to smile constantly or, on the contrary, to frown.Otherwise you can damage to the child, that without knowing.Can seem to it that all of you time laugh at it or do not approve it.Whether it seems to you, what I try to prepare you for the moments of anger of your child?

At conferences

You by all means have to be the attentive listener, and it, you see, demands patience.At conferences where I meet parents, most often they ask me: If I seldom used visual and physical contacts in communication with my teenager how I can make up for lost time?It is a good question.Such parents should not confuse the teenagers, having started resorting to this type of relationship suddenly too often.First of all they need to establish border: what quantity of such views and touches their teenager can apprehend.

Stutter Stutter

Sometimes it seems to the poor father that the child hates him.Of course, the father should not take it so seriously.He should play sometimes with the child alone that the child knew the father of the as the loving, interesting person.But the child has to understand that parents love each other, want to spend together time and will not allow it to intimidate themselves.Stutter Stutter the frequent phenomenon on the third year of life.We not absolutely understand the stutter reasons, but a lot of things are already known of it.

Moreover, strong

Do not hurry to draw a conclusion that your child is sick with whooping cough if he strongly coughs in the first week after the beginning of a disease.Moreover, strong cough at the beginning of a disease testifies against whooping cough.Whooping cough lasts for weeks: on average weeks, and in hard cases months.If dry cough proceeds more than a month, the doctor suspects whooping cough.If the doctor doubts and it is very important to make the correct diagnosis, there are two laboratory analyses which sometimes help to establish a disease.

That aggression

Be frightened!In the heat of passion the teenager is extremely impulsive.That aggression which he showed in relation to you, will instantly turn back against him.Any sharp subject which came to hand, medicine in your firstaid kit, a window sill in your apartment everything will become really dangerous, menacing to his life.Also do not shout, do not get out of hand, do not pour dirt and slops in which and the adult will choke on own child!After all the child can really think that you hate him.

Now they

After years the imagined life of children partially separates from their real life.Now they spend much time behind school lessons.They are also faced by a task to learn to live in collective.When at them it is necessary to dream time, their growing independence forces to imagine the great feats having nothing in common with ordinary affairs of their parents and neighbors.Considering that they know now that is good that is bad, they find huge pleasure in stories where the good struggles with the evil and wins.

And they

One of the main reasons of it is uncontrollable anger.If parents do not understand mechanisms of children's anger and do not know how to send it to the acceptable course, it is very probable that they will feel losers.They will know that a lot of things do correctly, but it will not help them.Many children are incited against parents because do not feel like darlings.And they sometimes express such relation in the inadmissible ways.Reflect on Ann and Todd's stories.

The childrens psychiatrist

There is the wrong idea of appointment of psychiatrists, psychologists and a difference between them.The children's psychiatrist is the doctor trained to understand and treat various types of the wrong behavior and emotional problems.In the XIX century psychiatrists treated mainly the insane therefore many people still do not decide to address to them.But psychiatrists came to a conclusion long ago that serious problems develop from the daily.Therefore psychiatrists everything study daily problems as in time the taken measures bring the greatest success in the shortest possible time more attentively.

Within several

It already absolutely adult nineteen years, the student of a third year.Complains of wearisome sleeplessness, looks respectively: very pale, eyes became hollow, is held down, confused.Says that all doubted whether to go for consultation though it is bad to it more than a year.His depression was provoked as speak in my profession, psikhogenno, that is arose under the influence of a mental trauma.Within several months he fanatically indulged in church life.The mood thus was gloomy, suppressed; instead of the expected enlightenment there was getting more and more stronger confidence that it is not truthful, vain.

By years

Perhaps, something disturbs the child.To the father can it will not be pleasant that his twoyearold son sometimes plays dolls.In years children do not do distinction between man's and female occupations yet.By years they give more preferences to traditional occupations of the floor.By years this preference will be even more obvious.For the boy of years quite naturally to play part of time with girls, especially if nearby there are no boys of its age.But if play house, the boy usually wants to play the father or the son.

But, even, if both

Sometimes the second party swells up only in a week, and sometimes and at all does not swell up.Except parotid, there are also other salivary glands.The mumps sometimes extends and on them submaxillary, hypoglossal glands.At an easy form of a mumps the tumor passes in days, but usually it sticks to days.At boys during puberty the infection can affect one of small eggs.But, even, if both small eggs inflame, it seldom comes to an end with infertility.Mumps an infectious disease which as considers a number of doctors, and I including, it is possible to be ill and for the second time.

In this case

But if the depression progresses and the attention will worsen, the teenager will concentrate less at work and to dream more and more.In this case to the teacher it is easier, than to someone for another, to reveal a depression.But, unfortunately, dreams in reality often are accepted to laziness or disrespect for the teacher.However one or two separately taken signs as, for example, dreams in reality and deterioration of attention, do not allow to make the exact diagnosis yet that is a teenage depression.It is necessary to track gradual development of all group of signs.

Parents, cure

Certainly, there are both other unseemly and harmful ways of expression of anger.But the majority of them are connected with described here.Having learned to cope with the most main, you will be able to apply the knowledge and in all other cases.Parents, cure yourself!Whether we like it or not, but we, parents, have the strongest impact on the children, fortunately or to misfortune.And most of all they are influenced by how we express the anger.This factor the twoedged tool.

He claimed

I even raised to it a salary, hoping that it will urge on it, but still every time when I left for work with other firms, it found a pretext to leave office.He said that has to be on interview with new clients whom found, but any of them did not appear at our office.At last, it became such burden for firm that I dismissed it.However he considered that I am guilty of all its troubles.He claimed that worked as a dog, I allegedly treated it disgustingly.When I learned that Everett never got on and with the father, ceased to be surprised to how the relations between him and my friend developed.

At the age of two years

Then take out all three geometrical figures from cells and suggest the child to find a place on a board for each figure.If something is impossible to the child, help him.After you together with it enclose all figures, again take out them from openings and suggest the child to perform a task independently.At the age of two years the result can be reached not at once, the child can do about four wrong tests.If you played together with the child folding of nested dolls see the stage year months, now he is already able to put one nested doll in another.

There is also

All trouble that the child is also born with an instinct to go obstinate when it is urged on too, with an instinct of disgust for that food with which it has unpleasant associations.There is also one more complication; the person does not love the same product always.For some time he can eat for breakfast a huge number of spinach or a new type of porridge, and in a month it, maybe, and will not want to look at them.Some people eat a lot of flour food and sweets, and another of rather small amount of these products.

In search

I suffered from consciousness of the fault and full helplessness.In search of an exit I addressed to another, but nobody could understand me.Our affairs went especially badly when it became popular the method is model in education of such children, as Cathie.people were necessary at the same time to move her hands, feet and the head, imitating crawling.At some o'clock of such everyday occupations almost all money left, and futility of our efforts forced us to be given after all.

It did not teach

The child of this kind can suffer for years from a manipulation by means of sense of guilt.And parents and concepts have no at this time that occurs at it at heart.It did not teach to think independently or verbally to express the anger.As a result it slowly but surely moves becoming the adult angered and shipped in a depression.In a protsentnik the needs of nature in love, inherent in all human beings, and feeling of own value repeatedly amplify.When parents do not realize its low selfassessment and unintentionally devastate its emotional tank, it is compelled to look for support outdoors.

After all you remember

When our Carrie in years decided to meet the boy, we told her that it is not necessary to arrange appointments while it is not ready to it yet; we consider that it will be better if it happens years through four.Thus, we left ourselves enough opportunities to evade otpervonachalny term.After all you remember that it is much better to weaken restrictions, than to be compelled to strengthen them.Carrie asked: But why not now?We explained that in today's world it is extremely important to be able to meet with group of people and that younger teenage age just that time when it is necessary to learn to meet with people in the company.

I and my wife

Then I paid the bill, and we went to the car.Allow me to insert interesting supervision here.When you drive, and your teenager as the passenger, but near it there are other children, in this situation you somewhat cease a bytlichnost and at you look, how at part of the car, as at continuation of a wheel.I and my wife extremely like this ability of teenagers is simply amazing as far as it facilitates conversation.Not less surprisingly and how much we learn during this time.

Some parents

And still many inaccurate people are able to be accurate if it is necessary.Better the nurse which does not attach special significance to trifles, than that which pays to them too much attention.The woman who is not able to keep the child clean, the bad nurse.Some parents consider that also the cultural level of the nurse has impact on the child.In my opinion, this quality is much less important, than many others, especially for the small child.If the child apprehends some demotic words, later he, certainly, will cease to use them if his parents and friends do not use them.

Each group

THE ANGER CAUSED BY CULTURE Angry reactions are often acquired from environment.Cultural features can be inherent in a clan or a community in any district, a religious or ethnic group in our own country.Each group uses own language for expression of feelings, and it influences behavior of her members.Often consider that men and women belong to various cultural groups as their ways of expression of feelings are various.Even in the younger generation, more free from traditional sexual roles, women are much more inclined to suppress or deny anger the psychologist of university of the Southern Florida Charlz Spilberger they in much bigger degree, than men speaks, strive for interpersonal harmony and for the sake of a preservation of peace suppress anger Other cultural cell is a family.

Cuts can be made

Then at you will never be the difficulties connected with a contamination of openings in nipples.Cuts can be made the razor, previously having squeezed a pacifier tip fingers.Do not force the child is more, than he wants.The main lack of artificial feeding is that mother sees, how many milk remained in a bottle.One children always drink the same amount of milk, and others that is more, less.Do not consider that your child has to drink a certain amount of milk in each feeding.

Turn to children

; a mnemokarta see fig..Occupation course Organizational moment.Put on to yourself a hand a doll bibabo Parsley.Turn to children and read rhyming: To us Parsley came, in theater led Us!Suggest children to get up behind Parsley and to go to theater.Put children on the stools which are in advance placed by a semicircle before a screen.Suggest children to sit silently and attentively to listen to the fairy tale.Fairy tale performance.Remember together with children of all heroes of the fairy tale and call them.

The child

Boarding school if it gives more.If the child does not get on well at usual school and feels at it not on a place or if parents cannot get used to its physical defect, probably it will be better to use the opportunity given by the state and to define the child in special boarding school.At least parents should think of it seriously.The child with more serious lag in intellectual development.The child who in , or years cannot sit yet and almost does not show interest in surrounding children and subjects, represents more complex problem.

As an example

If they receive love, they also give it; if they receive nothing, they answer the same.The love with conditions is given with conditions, the unconditional love comes back certainly.As an example of mirror love let's remember Debbie about whom it was told in chapter Love between Debbie and her parents ~ a sample of the conditional relations.Unfortunately, Debbie's parents thought that, depriving the daughter of praises, warmth and love except, of course, those special cases when they could be proud of it, they will induce thereby it to behave well.

I am a Kolobok, Kolobok! I left

Kolobok, and towards to him a fox slides: Hi, Kolobok!What you prigozhenkiya, rumyanenkiya!Kolobok is glad that him praised, and started singing the song, and the fox listens yes everything creeps closer.I am a Kolobok, Kolobok!I left the grandfather, On a barn metyon, I left the grandmother, On corn bins skrebyon, I from a hare left, On sour cream meshen, I from a wolf left, In an oven it is put off, From a bear left, On a window stuzhen.From you, a fox, not cunning to leave.

My god and will

Let's realize that this tank has to be always full, and actually only we, parents, we can achieve it.Only if the tank is full, the child can be happy, it will manage to reach the highest potential in development and as appropriate to react to requirements of discipline.Also let's us find God forces to satisfy needs of our children for emotional food.My god and will fill any our need The New testament.The message to Fillipiytsam, :.Children reflect love The child can be compared to a mirror.

Brown sugar. It is not refined


If it happens, the teenager will adhere to wrong, egoistical and unripe views and will keep them and in the adult life.Adults who profess strange, false ideas are familiar to all of us; these unfortunate people are not able to create the correct idea of the social, spiritual or emotional phenomena of life.Usually they join the most popular modern movement, and their views are inconsistent and far from reality.THE TRAINING BASED ON EXAMPLES I too made many mistakes as the parent.But as the author of the book in this case I have advantages, after all I can select those cases about which I would like to tell you.

Such parents

Parents should increase bribery to receive the same result.Such parents finish that play an hour performance for five spoons of soup.Do not ask the child there is a lunch to receive the third dish or candy, either a gold asterisk, or other award.Do not ask it to eat a spoon for aunt or to give pleasure to mother or to grow big and strong or to be healthy and to clear a plate.In other words, deliver to yourself for the rule not to ask the child at all is.Mother can tell the fairy tale during food or turn on radio if in a family it is so got and it does not contact that in any way, the child well eats or it is bad.

The first

Sometimes skin is sensitive to some types of wool, to silk, to hair of a rabbit or to various substances getting on skin, for example, to powder from a fialkovy root.If in a family there were cases of asthma, hay fever, small tortoiseshell or eczema, and at the small child, most likely, there will be an eczema.Even when sensitivity to any product is the main reason for eczema, play a role two additional factors.The first is an external irritation of skin.At one children eczema happens only in cold weather, at others only in a hot season when skin strongly sweats.

It remained

The sevenyearold boy lived almost in dread, under the threat of punishments and humiliations.After all he was also beaten.It remained in the past; parents dispersed, he supported mother in the decision on divorce.Divorce took place a year ago, it was not peace, heavy experiences were enough for all.After an emotional pressure as it often happens, there came not rest, but depression and an adynamy after all it is necessary to remember that is the teenager with emotional instability and bent peculiar to awkward age to a depression.

If the doctor

In the first analysis of the child force to cough on the plate greased special gelatinous in which whooping cough bacteria well breed.If the doctor finds bacteria on a plate, he is sure that the child is sick with whooping cough.But, if the doctor does not find bacteria on a plate, it does not prove that the child has no whooping cough.This method is especially reliable in the first weeks from the beginning of a disease.The second way blood test which sometimes yields certain results, especially within the rd and th weeks from the beginning of a disease.

In this situation

He perfectly learned to love them the caused love.He behaved so that parents were happy with him but only when it needed something from parents that would give it pleasure.Of course, as That and his parents played this game, nobody could express the love to another because waited when another makes for it something pleasant.In this situation each family member became more and more disappointed, confused, puzzled.As a result in the house the atmosphere of a depression, anger and offense was created, as compelled to look for Smitov of the help.

Memory of the child

So, to help the child with the spiritual plan, performance two requirement is essential: the personal relations good luck at parents and confidence of the child that love him unconditionally and certainly.Memory of the child The following that it is important to know about the child, it as works his memory.Remember, I emphasized that the child is more inclined to emotionality, than to a kognitivnost see chapter .Therefore, he remembers feelings, than the facts much more brightly.

If he undereats, he will

By then, when the child reaches weight in , kg, it perfectly operates temperature of the body, and you do not have need to muffle up it.It has good resilience to infections.If all family is chilled, easier all the newborn will have cold.If his head gets stuck, he will desperately escape and shout.If he undereats, he will shout angrily, demanding still milk.If to it attention is arrested by too bright light, he will blink and worry.Be not afraid to photograph it with a lamp flash even if it also will jump up for fear.

Of course, I simplified, having

I understand that such approach seems too simple.But imagine, how many it is necessary to remember various characteristics of each type of persons, then to try to compare them and day by day to sort and sort.It can be absolutely impracticable.Of course, I simplified, having roughly divided people into two groups.Nevertheless it was useful to me and in education of the children, and in my professional practice.I want to emphasize once again that I do not estimate two aspects of the personality called by me as bad or good.

But the child

The pamperedness begins not with it and not suddenly, and gradually when mother is afraid to listen to a voice of reason or when it turns into the slave to the child and unconsciously encourages it to use of the power over it.All parents want that their children were obedient and were accustomed to a healthy lifestyle.But the child wants it.He wants to eat in the determined hours, and later will learn to eat accurately.Frequency of its chair will correspond to features of its organism it can occur both it is regular, and it is irregular.


It can be made only in exceptional cases and only by a doctor's advice.Treatment can lead to undesirable results if to use it regularly at locks or when schooling the child to a pot.Parents should not apply an enema, candles at locks, pains or diseases until the doctor does not make the diagnosis and will not appoint treatment.Especially dangerously often to use an enema or candles when the child has a tendency to locks because it can draw his attention to activity of intestines.The doctor will explain to you what to add to water for an enema.

It could

Steve used the force, and teenagers lost to him the respect.If he did not make it, and behaved kindly, everything would leave differently.It could play a role, as if speaking to them: I know that will manufacture; I know also that you know that I know it.Still I know that you perfectly understand everything and therefore I rely that you will think, whether well you behaved.Force is not the answer As you see, passive aggressively to behavior the responsible behavior, ability to be responsible for the acts is opposite.

It does

The most dangerous sociopaths are capable not only to behave correctly, but also to isolate the listeners from information sources which contradict that they publicly speak.The sociopath creates such situation at which Christians have opportunity to listen only to his doctrine.It does itselfhimself by the highest authority, does not encourage independent thinking in the listeners.He does not want that they checked, his knowledge is right or not.He recognizes that everyone in advance discordant with him is mistaken, or even is the atheist.

When my children

Those, in turn, provide performance of tasks.They think that thereby resolved a problem, but it not so.Though homework is also executed, children forget to bring notebooks in school.Parents start watching that children took them with themselves.Then children forget them to hand over, leaving on a school desk.When my children studied in the fifth grade, I sometimes went to open lessons and checked school desks.I wanted to know who from children hid in them the homework.


It is possible also that his mother is gentle with it, only when to it is sick, and in the rest of the time she is too strict.Sometimes parents in panic are afraid that the child will be wounded.It partially adopts this fear of opportunity to damage itself.Be not afraid to console the child if he feels the unfortunate.But do not emphasize incident.Distract it something as soon as he recovers.Friendly relations with the father The friendship and approval of the father is necessary for the boy.

Perhaps this

Perhaps this minute, heavy for the boy, instead of cruel torture it needed special understanding and parental heat?If it as Thomas's parents could guess it?And how they could distinguish, what form of disciplinary influence would be the most suitable for this concrete situation?And you, friends parents what think?Do you have to choose a certain line of conduct at education of the child in advance?How you consider, whether the sequence is necessary here?And what?

And after

However function of standing and walking it is inexpedient to train before the child starts getting up itself, holding subjects.And after that there is no need for walking training healthy children always start going independently.Attention!If the kid does not lean on legs, urgently address to the neurologist.In feeding time it holds a small bottle or mother's breast with hands.If you bring a spoon with drink, the child will open a mouth and can drink from a spoon.

Parents cannot

Constantly caring of satisfying emotional needs of the child and to fill up his emotional tank.Parents cannot expect that the child will have close, warm, giving moral satisfaction relations good luck if they do not care of the child emotionally and if it has no deep and sincere relations with parents.Yes, I met children who became Christians though brought up them a birch.But as in the childhood they generally suffered from punishments and did not feel any unconditional love from parents, these unfortunate people seldom have healthy, loving, cordial relations good luck.

She explained

She came into contact with his school teachers and began to be engaged with James according to the special program.She explained to teachers how to make so that it kept the positive attitude towards itself and to study.As James began to behave the least passive aggressively and it is better to treat adults, his irritation decreased, and he left a condition of oppression.Now he for the first time could study and perceive spiritual installations of adults.James was lucky.

, krokod. The child


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